Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan

Batting Allrounder,

About Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan is an all-round Bangladeshi cricketer who is regarded as one of the best of his generation for immense consistency across batting, bowling and fielding over 15 years. Universally nicknamed “Shakib”, his left-arm spin and middle-order batting has anchored Bangladesh’s rise as a competitive force in ODIs and T20Is while also leading domestic sides to major trophies. Since debuting in 2006, Shakib has scored over 10,000 international runs and claimed over 650 wickets with his steady left-arm orthodox bowling that relies on accuracy over turn. As a batter, he compiles impactful fifties in the middle-order with clever placement and shot selection built on supreme fitness. His stellar performances have made him Bangladesh’s MVP and the world’s top all-rounder in all three formats at various points. While stats underline irreplaceable versatility, “Shakib” contributes immense experience guiding young players on temperament while upholding team standards off-field that befit his senior statesman status. For spreading all-round excellence and professionalism in Bangladesh cricket, the reliable Shakib Al Hasan remains a paragon whose deeds back his iconic popularity.
Profile Details
Full Name Shakib Al Hasan
Born March 24, 1987, Magura, Jessore
Country Bangladesh
Role Batting Allrounder
Batting Style Left Handed Bat
Bowling Style Left-arm orthodox
As known as Shakib

Shakib Al Hasan Career Statistics

Career Batting Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Not Outs (NO) Runs (R) High Score (HS) Average (Avg.) Balls Faced (BF) Strike Rate (SR) Hundreds (H) Fifties (50x) Fours (4s) Sixes (6s)

Career Bowling Stats

Format Matches (M) Innings (Inn) Balls (B) Runs (R) Wickets (W) BBM Average (Avg.) Economy (Econ.) Strike Rate (SR) 5W 10W
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Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan

When Shakib Al Hasan assumes his run up or stance, Bangladesh unites behind a tenacious titan wielding bat and ball equally to elevate nation beyond patronized potential into realized eminence. His all-round consistency chronicles exponential ascent for Bangladesh now expecting victories beyond magical upsets.

Yet beyond the avalanche of runs, wickets and catches lies deeper character still – a figure battling odds through adolescence before transcending turbulent governance as senior player upholding standards on and off pitch shepherding succession planning beyond his playing years.

Leadership markets his career as true trailblazer – prime catalyzing force sparking belief then guiding Bangladesh toward self-sustaining stature despite uncertain political backdrops.

Article Highlights

  • Shakib Al Hasan was born on March 24, 1987, in Magura, Bangladesh, and was exposed to cricket from a young age.
  • He showed prodigious talent early on and dedicated himself to honing his skills and mastering the game.
  • Shakib symbolized the rise of Bangladesh cricket and shattered stereotypes of cricket dominance by few nations.
  • His exceptional performances in batting and bowling, as well as his adaptability and versatility in different formats, have led to consistent rankings and sustained excellence.

Now an elder curry statesman, Shakib Al Hasan’s resilience brands Bangladesh cricket’s unfolding mythology as both fighter and unifier – a singular force who first raised expectations of consistency then marshaled resources ensuring such stability persists by planning for transitional uncertainty. Few better emblemize cricket’s cultural potency.

Early Life and Background

Born on March 24, 1987, in Magura, Bangladesh, Shakib Al Hasan’s formative years laid the foundation for what would become an illustrious cricketing career, marked by early exposure to the sport and a prodigious talent that was evident from a young age.

In a region where cricket is not just a sport but a beacon of national pride, Shakib’s journey from a local enthusiast to a world-class all-rounder was underpinned by an unwavering dedication to honing his skills and a relentless pursuit of mastery in all facets of the game.

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The analytical dissection of Shakib’s early years reveals a microcosm of the cricketing culture in Bangladesh, a nation seeking to carve out its identity through sporting excellence.

His ascension is not merely an individual triumph but a narrative of liberation from the shadows of obscurity for Bangladesh cricket.

The meticulous development of his left-arm spin and the refinement of his batting technique were critical in his progression through the domestic leagues, ultimately leading to his debut for the national team.

Each milestone achieved by Shakib was reflective of an inherent desire for his country’s cricketing liberation and the establishment of a formidable presence in the international arena.

Shakib Al Hasan: Rise to International Fame

Shakib Al Hasan’s ascent to international stardom was catalyzed by his exceptional performances in both batting and bowling, which quickly distinguished him as a premier all-rounder on the global cricket stage.

His rise was not merely a product of his skill but a symbol of cricket’s expanding horizons, where talent from non-traditional powerhouses could shine on the world scene.

Analyzing Shakib’s trajectory, one notes pivotal moments that marked his arrival at the highest echelons. His ability to adapt to different formats showcased versatility; his proficiency in spinning the ball and anchoring the middle order underlined his value.

His performances in key tournaments, particularly his role in Bangladesh’s upsets over stronger teams, shattered the stereotype of cricket being dominated by only a handful of nations.

What set Shakib apart was his consistency. His all-round capabilities were not sporadic flashes of brilliance but a sustained demonstration of excellence, evidenced by his regular ascension in the ICC player rankings.

This consistency, coupled with a strategic acumen on the field, has not only elevated his status but also served as an inspiration for emerging cricketing nations, encouraging a belief in the possibility of a more globally inclusive and liberated cricket narrative.

Key Career Milestones

Throughout his illustrious career, Shakib Al Hasan has reached several key milestones that have cemented his reputation as one of cricket’s finest all-rounders.

His journey is marked by remarkable achievements, and here we analytically examine a few that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

  • First Bangladeshi to be ranked No. 1 in the ICC all-rounder rankings: This achievement not only highlighted his personal excellence but also represented a significant moment of national pride and liberation for Bangladesh cricket.
  • Fastest to the double of 5000 runs and 200 wickets in ODIs: Demonstrating a rare blend of consistent batting prowess and lethal bowling acumen, he achieved this in fewer matches than any of his international contemporaries.
  • Leading wicket-taker in T20 Internationals for Bangladesh: His dominance with the ball in the shortest format showcases his adaptability and strategic depth in various conditions.
  • Centurion and 10-wicket haul in the same Test match: A rare feat underscoring his dual-threat capability, positioning him among the legends of the game.
  • Key player in Bangladesh’s maiden Test win against Australia in 2017: His performance in this match was a testament to his ability to inspire and lead from the front, contributing significantly to a historic victory.

Shakib’s milestones are not just statistics but narratives of aspiration and triumph, embodying the spirit of a nation striving for recognition on the global stage.

Shakib Al Hasan: Batting and Bowling Achievements

Delving into Shakib Al Hasan’s batting and bowling statistics reveals a record replete with significant achievements, each underscoring his proficiency and impact in the sport of cricket.

As a batsman, Shakib has compiled an impressive array of scores across formats, consistently demonstrating his adaptability and resilience at the crease.

His ability to anchor innings and accelerate scoring when needed has made him an invaluable asset in the Bangladeshi line-up. His batting prowess is not merely reflected in the aggregate of runs but also in the critical situations where his contributions have steered his team to victory.

Equally formidable with the ball, Shakib’s left-arm orthodox spin has been a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s bowling attack. His astute understanding of the game is evident in his strategic variations and disciplined line and length, which have resulted in a commendable record of wickets in international cricket. Analysis of his dismissals shows a penchant for outsmarting batsmen, often during pivotal moments of play.

Shakib’s dual capabilities have earned him numerous accolades, including a consistent ranking among the top all-rounders in the world. His achievements are not just milestones but also a testament to his enduring dedication and influence on the sport.

Influence and Legacy

The indelible mark that Shakib Al Hasan has left on cricket extends far beyond his personal statistics, influencing a generation of players and shaping the legacy of Bangladeshi cricket on the global stage.

His multifaceted contributions to the sport have inspired countless young cricketers, affirming the belief that excellence is achievable despite the constraints of geography or economy.

Shakib has become a symbol of aspiration and resilience, embodying the spirit of a nation that continually strives to make its mark in the international arena.

Shakib’s influence is rooted in his exceptional all-round abilities and his tenacious attitude, both of which have contributed to his legendary status. Analyzing his legacy, we find:

  • The emergence of a robust cricketing infrastructure in Bangladesh, inspired by his success.
  • Young cricketers emulating his balanced approach to batting and bowling.
  • A heightened global respect for Bangladeshi cricket.
  • Increased investment in the sport within the country.
  • A template for future generations on the power of discipline and dedication.

Shakib’s legacy is a testament to the transformative power of sport as a vehicle for national pride and individual empowerment. His journey from a local talent to an international cricketing icon encourages the liberation of potential in every aspiring athlete.


Shakib Al Hasan’s career is marked by exceptional contributions to the sport of cricket, both with bat and ball. His all-round capabilities have not only set milestones but have also elevated the status of Bangladesh cricket on the international stage.

His influence extends beyond statistics, fostering a legacy of inspiration for future generations of cricketers. Shakib’s journey from a promising talent to a cricketing legend encapsulates the quintessence of dedication, skill, and sportsmanship.

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